We  meet every week to share our joy and passion for acoustic and traditional music. Playing instruments or  singing unaccompanied, we welcome newcomers to have a go.

…Choruses to join everyone together, stories that are told in song, humorous and poignant songs – it is the sheer variety that may surprise you..

We usually offer a sing-around format but would eventually like to get Special Guests booked once a month as soon as we are up and running.

Acoustic and traditional songs and tunes – but not amplified – is our way.

Singers need not be accompanied and previously tuned guitars are particularly welcome !

FIRST TIME? If you’ve never been to a music and song session before – what might you find ?

Herga at The Castle is a relaxed evening where those who wish can join in. Lead by an MC who asks someone to sing or play one song or tune at a time, as we “go round the room”..

…up to 30 songs a night, all of various styles and guaranteed that some you will not have heard before.

Most just listen to begin with, and then find they may be joining in with a few words in a chorus. Singing together, the overall sound fills the room, so you can join in without worrying that your voice will be heard!

Have you ever written a song and only practised it in the shower? Try it at Herga, where singing and variety is encouraged as we all had to start once.

So some just come to enjoy and listen, but you may get hooked and find yourself singing along.

Some have taken years before they want to try singing a song on their own, as there is no obligation to take a turn ..

For those who have never been to Harrow on the Hill, you may be surprised at its charming ambience with a number of old streets clustered by the famous Harrow School and Church; with some outstanding views across to London. Come early and explore !


Herga is actually the old name for Harrow, so at The Castle we have finally arrived at the heart of the original community.

Herga Folk and Acoustic Club was first based at The Royal Oak in Wealdstone, and some things must have worked well as it started in 1963.

Please note that The Castle are welcoming us to get the club up and running for the whole community, and they are kindly not charging for the room.

We therefore charge no fee for entry, however our raffle will accumulate funds so that we can eventually book special guests.
The main raffle prize is a bottle of wine.

The Castle ask that drinks be bought at the bar and not brought in.


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